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You’ve ever self harmed in any way, if you ever cried because of how you look, If you’re like me and hide your feelings bc you feel like no one cares or no one understands, you act strong but really you’re so weak, if you over think and make yourself depressed at night, if you’ve ever cried yourself to sleep, or if you just need a hug bc you hate life. I swear you’re not alone ok.

EVERYONE who reblogs this will be getting a message from me.

Conversation with a woman’s heart…


A conversation with your heart is what I’m after

you sick of pain well I’m here to bring you laughter

you’ve shed tears but don’t worry I can catch them

hurt you before but no longer will I let him

Your heart is guarded

but no worries I can earn trust

no longer will you be alone

now it’s just us

Be the reason that you smile

that’s the main goal

allow my words to touch your heart

and let’s collide souls

(Source: visualsinblog)